Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Diane Boyd, President
Kari McCoy, Vice President
Stacey Meyer, Secretary
Karanel Larson, Treasurer


Lori Brockett
Angi Campbell
Kaitlyn Caston
Tim Larson
Zach Russell
Denise Ballard
Nicky Hernandez

Shelter Staff

Tiffanie Rourke, Manager
KC Shoemaker, Kennel Manager
Karri Swartzlander, Adoption Coordinator
Angie Beard, Kennel Attendant
Brenda Mutchler, Kennel Attendant
Steve Shoemaker, Kennel Attendant
Jessie Tanner, Cat Specialist
Free McDowell, Dog Specialist
Angie Kershner, Kennel Attendant

Brenton Carlson, Kennel Attendant


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