Microchipping Information

Des Moines County Humane Society

Located in Burlington, Iowa

Micro chipping your pet is one way to hope to be reunited with your pet if they get lost or stolen. Vets, shelters and most anywhere that deal with pets check for micro chips when they first arrive.

We use BuddyID Microchips, and chip every animal adopted out of our facility since January 2023.


Now the public can start scheduling an appointment to get your pet micro chipped for only $20.

Call 319-753-8389 or email dmchumane@yahoo.com to set up a time to get your pet chipped.

This is chipped and activated, once activated all you need to do is make sure you update the info whenever you have a change of address or phone number. Making sure your vet also has updated info on your pet also, as most shelters may check with them to get owner information if possible.



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